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    I earn decade long experience in developing and managing enterprise applications which use Perl extensively. This section dedicated to open source society, will follow Perl snippets to test by novice to experience developer. Feel free to ask any Perl related questions.

    In my professional career I tested many flavors of RDBMS. This section will comprises those databases intro which I enjoy while exploring them.

Networking stuff for the day

How to find corresponding mac address from given IP address on system? ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol, which is used to find the media access control address of a network neighbor for a given IPv4 Address. On Ubuntu this is how you find mac address $>ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr What is a NAT IP address? […]

Quick guide to Websphere MQ

It is the Messaging style of communication the communication takes place between Queue Managers. Firstly the application program writes to the some name queue then the queue manager determines the location of those queues and handles all of the communication. MCA ( Message channel agent ) is the Queue Manager program to perform the network […]

Perl is still alive

After going through number of online Perl conference videos, its evident that language still got lot to offer than what people explored so far. Joining the bandwagon back!!!

Find files on solaris

Find all the files under /u* which are 30 days old and greater than 1gb find /u* -type f -mtime +30 -size +1024000 | xargs ls -ltr | awk -F” ” ‘{print $5 ” ”  $9}’ | sort -r -n | awk -F” ” ‘{print $2}’ | xargs du -h | less

Putty and Plink command line options

Putty can be used as remote ssh client tool. However today I learn few tricks on it. It can be used as command line tool to execute script on remote server. command prompt > putty.exe -t -ssh -l user -pw passwd -m C:\Users\irfan\Documents\run.txt host  *Replace user, passwd and host with actuals. Carate run.txt file in your documents […]

RTC or Rational Team Concert

An integrated development environment used to track down task progress. There is eclipse based client as well as web based client (i.e. Jazz). RTC tightly coupled with build and source control, it gives rich flexibly to navigate well. I am using current setup for one of my client which has SCRUM process template. The current […]

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol

It is a series of messaging specifications for the electronic communication of trade-related messages. Example of FIX message (Tag Value pair) 8=FIX.4.1^9=0235^35=D^34=10^43=N^49=VENDOR^50=CUSTOME^56=BROKER^52=19980930-09:25:28^1=XQCCFUND^11=10^21=1^55=EK^48=277461109^22=1^54=1^38=10000^40=2^44=76.750000^59=0^10=165 Fix message divided into 3 main category Header Fix version sender receiver type of message Body order type symbol qty price Footer checksum – used to avoid the transmission error Let us now understand above example […]

Fixed Income

It provides a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity. Unlike a variable-income security, where payments change based on some underlying measure such as short-term interest rates, the payments of a fixed-income security are known in advance. Example of a fixed-income security would be a 5% […]


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