Perl6 rakodu on Mac OS X version 10.7.3

download rakudo perl6 src from git perl –prefix=<DIR> –gen-nqp –gen-parrot <DIR> directory where you want to push the binaries of perl6 It will avoid clash with existing Perl version running in system After command executed successfully check prefix dir, it should show following dir’s drwxr-xr-x 3 root staff 102 Apr 29 23:06 share […]

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Ruby Rocks :)

Today I am going to share my very first experience with RubyOnRails, and to describe my feelings its fabulous. Lets begin What you need to know already? You should be familiar with any MVC pattern Should have knowledge of Ruby Should know DB & Web server fundamentals I guess thats more then enough to begin […]

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JAVA Design Pattern

JAVA Design Pattern The design patten is a vast subject, I will be giving you an head start here Gang of Four – widely used design patterns Behavioral patterns Chain of responsibility Command Interpreter Iterator Mediator Memento Observer State Strategy Template method Visitor Creational patterns Abstract factory Builder Factory method Prototype Singleton Structural patterns Adapter […]

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EJB cont

Entity Bean An entity bean is representation of single row in a databases. Entity always be an heavy component. But the connectivity to database will be a transparent to developer. When you create a new entity bean automatically in database new row will be added. ORM – Object Relational Mapping, row in a table will […]

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sCOPE oRGANIZATION wIDE MVC Model= EJB View= JSP Controller = SERVLET Why should we go for EJB? Scalability (application should work same for 2 client and 2 million client.) Should be catering to multiple request simulatanously. Problem with the thread is Sycronization. EJB CONTANER, will work on instance pooling and multiple instance. Example jdbc to […]