Unix Shell Scripting

Here I will be mainly discussing BASH scripting also know as Bourne Shell. This post will help administrator and novice UNIX programmer to understand and write strong as well as useful shell programs. I will talks on shell syntax and few simple day-to-day utilities for UNIX. Will discussing mainly Bourn shell because of its widely acclaimed popularity […]

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MYSQL replication in the same box

MYSQL replication in the same box   MYSQL 5.0.17 standard (SLAVE) – MYSQL 4.1.1 standard (MASTER) – MASTER running on port 3306 SLAVE running on port 3308 MASTER (my.cnf) server-id = 1 log-bin SLAVE (my.cnf) [mysqld] server-id = 2 master-host = localhost master-user = root master-password = mysql master-port = 3306 replicate-do-db = […]

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