Upgrade Perl modules using cpan autobundle

It’s become bi weekly task to keep updated your Perl distro. To achieve it I use following commands Above command will generate a snapshot pm file. This file will include list of modules require upgrade. Example Snapshot_2012_05_01_01.pm You can recheck the file and list of module with respective version. You have a facility to remove […]

MYSQL replication in the same box

MYSQL replication in the same box   MYSQL 5.0.17 standard (SLAVE) – MYSQL 4.1.1 standard (MASTER) – MASTER running on port 3306 SLAVE running on port 3308 MASTER (my.cnf) server-id = 1 log-bin SLAVE (my.cnf) [mysqld] server-id = 2 master-host = localhost master-user = root master-password = mysql master-port = 3306 replicate-do-db = […]