MYSQL replication in the same box

MYSQL replication in the same box


MYSQL 5.0.17 standard (SLAVE) –

MYSQL 4.1.1 standard (MASTER) – MASTER running on port 3306 SLAVE running on port 3308 MASTER (my.cnf)
server-id = 1
log-bin SLAVE (my.cnf)
server-id = 2
master-host = localhost
master-user = root
master-password = mysql
master-port = 3306

replicate-do-db = dbrep

to check the MASTER status on mysql cosole execute this querymysql > SHOW MASTER STATUS;

mysql > grant replication slave, replication client,file,super,reload,select on *.* to root@’%hostname%’ identified by ‘mysql’; to check the SLAVE status on mysql cosole execute this querymysql > SHOW SLAVE STATUS;

mysql > grant all on *.* to root@%hostname% identified by ‘mysql’; mysql> CHANGE MASTER TO
-> MASTER_HOST=’master_host_name’,
-> MASTER_USER=’master_user_name’,

-> MASTER_PASSWORD=’master_pass’,

-> MASTER_LOG_FILE=’recorded_log_file_name’,

-> MASTER_LOG_POS=recorded_log_position;
Above mentioned query can be used to chnage the slave info at runtime. restart both MYSQL SLAVE & MASTER On slave execute the command
mysql > start slave; Now create the database at MASTER and start creating tables and inserting values into it. Check the slave it started replicating all those tables. Isn’t it simple. )