Query Twitter data using Perl

Search Twitter using Perl module Net::Twitter


Upgrade Perl modules using cpan autobundle

It’s become bi weekly task to keep updated your Perl distro. To achieve it I use following commands Above command will generate a snapshot pm file. This file will include list of modules require upgrade. Example Snapshot_2012_05_01_01.pm You can recheck the file and list of module with respective version. You have a facility to remove […]

Windows PowerShell – cmd to find top 10 largest files on system

@echo off Powershell -noexit “Get-PSdrive | where { $_.Used -gt 0 } | foreach { Get-ChildItem $_.Root -recurse -force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select Name,DirectoryName, @{Label=’Size’;Expression={($_.Length/1GB).ToString(‘F04’)}} | Sort Size -descending | select -first 10}”

Unix Shell Scripting

Here I will be mainly discussing BASH scripting also know as Bourne Shell. This post will help administrator and novice UNIX programmer to understand and write strong as well as useful shell programs. I will talks on shell syntax and few simple day-to-day utilities for UNIX. Will discussing mainly Bourn shell because of its widely acclaimed popularity […]