Working with perforce

If you are new to perforce you came to write place.

To access perforce repositories

You need perforce client


The following is a quick overview of the most common Perforce commands:

     p4 sync     - Sync up with the latest sources
     p4 edit     - Open a file for editing
     p4 add      - Add a new file to the repository
     p4 delete   - Delete a file from the repository
     p4 resolve  - Resolve conflicts if two people edit the same file
     p4 revert   - Revert changes for a currently opened file
     p4 submit   - Submit all changes to the repository
     p4 opened   - List all files you currently have opened




Even to change any single file you must have the entire code base check out.

set client view

cd respective folder

p4 sync

-edit Open an existing file for edit and commit
[usage] p4 edit filename
[usage] p4 submit

-filelog List revision history of files
[usage] p4 filelog filename

-integrate Schedule integration from one file to another
[usage] p4 integrate [FROM] [TO]
*Nore both FROM and TO must be complete file path from //depo or //std on

-p4 have Lists all file revisions that the Perforce server knows you have in the client workspace.
-p4 sync -n Reports what files would be updated in the client workspace by p4 sync without actually performing the sync operation

Creating Branch

p4 branch <branch_name>

  • open p4 client
  • add view
  • //depot/from/… /depot/to/…

p4 integrate -b <branch_name>
p4 submit