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Buying Resale Property, An Experience

Buying Resale Property

An Experience


First time property buyersJ, you are at correct place myself is software consultant working for multinational’s in Pune. Recently encounter with an experience, which I would like to share with you all.


So here, we go…


You are buying resale property.


Points to remember


Find out some good lawyer who is well versed in making following documents

  • Agreement to Sale
  • Sale Deed letters
  • Search & Title report

*Make sure you know him better then seller knows him.


Ask him few ways to benefit you over seller by adding some or the other clause in the agreement. Make sure to discuss the entire payment mechanism.


Grab the best property rate from seller

  • Study the area well where you planning to buy property before going to see seller.
  • Find out what all landmarks of area & how far are those from property you are looking at.
  • Avoid agent’s interference too much while negotiating price.


TCO (Property) includes

  • Property costs.
  • Stamp Duty (Franking) charges
  • Registration charges
  • NOC letter from either society or builder
  • Lawyers Charges

*You can bargain with seller on Lawyer & NOC charges, make sure he is ready to bare the 50% expenses.



***If you are planning to buy this property with loan, read on.


If it’s a mortgaged property then

It’s better to get the loan from same bank where the seller mortgaged property


Try to bargain on the

  • Rate % of interest
  • Processing fees
  • Bank property franking

*do not go with any agents, directly contact bank and meet the officials personally.

En honor!

Chennai mein ek saal 07th Oct 2005 se 30th Sep 2006 tak.

City of lovely people.

Friends Forever,

Knowledge Unlimited



OO dimention

MVC Pattern

Tremendos Pressure




And lots more.

7th October 2005 date can not be forgettable, and reason behind it is very simple and obvious, nothing but my stay into the city till 30th September 2006. Whole year was full of learning and achieving new heights in personal and professional life.


How can I forget my lovely days of GMI where I got what I want in life…………. J don’t think too much its money $

But the never ending dollar dreams pulled me to southern
India. And rest is just sweet memories which I don’t want to forget in my life time in other words incidents happened in this city wont let me forget it.

By the grace of god I met some of my life time friends in Chennai and enjoyed every moment spent with them. Many of them our still in touch with me after my separation form CSS. I really wish my colleagues and company all the very best.