RTC or Rational Team Concert

An integrated development environment used to track down task progress. There is eclipse based client as well as web based client (i.e. Jazz). RTC tightly coupled with build and source control, it gives rich flexibly to navigate well. I am using current setup for one of my client which has SCRUM process template. The current […]

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Service Management KPI’s

Key Per·for·mance In·di·ca·tor   /kē  pərˈfôrməns ˈindiˌkātər/   (abbr.: KPI) KPIs help to get insight in your business performance — “What gets measured, gets managed”. KPIs are also known as business metrics, performance metrics, business indicators, and performance ratios. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is most acclaimed practice in todays business to manage service. In other words guidelines […]

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