RTC or Rational Team Concert

An integrated development environment used to track down task progress. There is eclipse based client as well as web based client (i.e. Jazz).

RTC tightly coupled with build and source control, it gives rich flexibly to navigate well.

I am using current setup for one of my client which has SCRUM process template.

The current setup has work item linkage in following manner.

  • Epic
    • Story
      • Task

Epic is the business requirement for the given functionality.

Story will be further granular details for the epic.

Task will be set of single or multiple work items put down together to implement the given Story.

Source Control

I have been told that it’s Build Forge which has been configured with RTC for this project.

I didn’t know about build forge tool before but virtually it doesn’t make any difference which RTC GUI.

I have working experience of Subversion and Perforce, its steep learning curve with RTC GUI to manage source control.

Streams are the way to manage different projects between one or more teams.


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