Koh Samui…. Surprisingly beautiful

It’s an island in Thailand. Got very few attraction and known places to visit…. Due to the over polarised of other places of Thailand like Bangkok and Phuket. But surely you will not disappoint visiting this place.

I never expected it would be so fun. Water is clear like crystal and beaches are just like private beaches. There are many five start hotel / resort here but I suggest go for simple and affortable hotel. As you will spend less time there 🙂

If you know how to drive bike then you come to right place, You can rent out bike and visit all over places by your own and its fun. I enjoyed the bike riding on these road like anything.

There are couple of evening spots and shopping areas as well here. And best part is offcourse thai message. You will not find like this anywhere specially the foot message. Complete body relaxation.

300 USD more then enough to roam around for week in these place.

Unfortunatley there are not many flights to here. Its only Bangkok Airline you need to count on. I stayed in one of five star here name Anantara its good and pretty relaxing. After couple of days I found myself spending very few hours in hotel except night 🙂 So no point in logging such places unless you are keen.

So my advice get map pack bag and start…..

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