JAVA Design Pattern

JAVA Design Pattern

The design patten is a vast subject, I will be giving you an head start here

Gang of Four – widely used design patterns

  1. Behavioral patterns
    1. Chain of responsibility
    2. Command
    3. Interpreter
    4. Iterator
    5. Mediator
    6. Memento
    7. Observer
    8. State
    9. Strategy
    10. Template method
    11. Visitor
  2. Creational patterns
    1. Abstract factory
    2. Builder
    3. Factory method
    4. Prototype
    5. Singleton
  3. Structural patterns
    1. Adapter
    2. Bridge
    3. Composite
    4. Decorator
    5. Facade
    6. Flyweight
    7. Proxy

Definition:- Common Problem and Common Solution for them, If you have data with problem and to tackle that you need to find problem pattern and propose solution pattern for that.

Note: No body owns the design pattern

Standard pattern are 23 those are listed above.

J2EE design pattern standardize by sun

EJB Patterns

  1. Intercepting Filter (apache mod rewrite)
  2. Composite View
  3. Front Controller
  4. Service to worker
  5. Business delegate
  6. Service Locater
  7. Transfer object assembler
  8. Facade


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